Saturday, June 7, 2014

Adventure to Maryland! part 1

Rug Yarn table
Once again i was fortunate to join my dear friend Lynne Oakes of Blue Acorn Woolens for the Maryland Sheep and Wool adventure! Fantastic weather surrounded us ALL weekend making the lovely drive even better. 

We sold out of Acorn Looms by 11am Sunday morning and within 30 minutes sold the demo loom. SO, that is to say, along with all the yarn sales, we were busy!

Handspun Tower - still setting up!

I had not planned entering any yarn into the competitions, but Lynne had a tapestry to enter and encouraged me so i chose two skeins as we unpacked, tagged them and sent them off with her to enter. Now, it is unclear what happened, but the skeins ended up with the wrong tags and were entered into the wrong categories (not the same problem as Greencastle, but paperwork still). Regardless the snaffoo, i was awarded a third and fifth place (:  Lynne's tapestry rug (should have won first) received a second place in the rug division.

MdSW is to yarncraft what the runway in Paris is to the fashion world. I could never capture and describe effectively all the amazing skills exhibited through worn garments and accessories. Mostly knitted and woven caught my eye, but also crocheted, sewn and mixed techniques were represented. 
Someplace i have a photo of "Monica's Shawl" with larger beads in place of nupps which really stood out. When i find it i will let you know - but the pattern is now on my short list - fantastic half circle.

Our own local rock star Holly wore her own spun and knitted amazing "Evenstar", swoon!

Our space is right next to the auction tent where hundreds of sales take place - processing and creating equipment and books on Saturday then farm related on Sunday. SO many wheels (some went for reasonable prices, even!). My favorite was this Teaching Wheel which went for $300. Also called a Gossip Wheel since two individuals work so closely together ... "whisper whisper."

Following will be post 2 - i divided it for my friends in dial-up or not-high-speed land since all the photos can be cumbersome.

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