Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The adventure continues ...

To say that life here is back to normal would be a lie. But we are becoming well acquainted with the new normal. For those unaware, we moved house across the river so now Louisville is home again - well "again" for honey and myself, but totally new for the girlie. People, well meaning fantastic people, ask such strange questions but to address several: Life isn't better or worse or even different in some ways. We are blessed.

That said, a lot of things took longer than we thought and settling in has been slower than I anticipated (not for real reasons, but I make up many when I can't sleep). Girlie and I have been planning cool, fun and new things for our respective businesses. We appreciate the patience and support of family, friends and even you few fans out there (:

Soon Sparkle Girl Studio and follow the star studio will have items online in our etsy shops - some new, some favored familiars. We love to hear what you think about what we do so don't hold back! Also we have some fun ideas in store for Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival in October.

See you soon!