Tuesday, January 22, 2013

special special yarn?

Sometimes i find it almost too easy to sell yarns i spin. The yarn design took seed in my brain and for me the creation of the yarn is the "finished product". The making of something with it is left to another creative mind. And i am okay with that. Sometimes.
Sometimes i have a yarn that screams what it wants to become from the very moment i begin spinning. I see the final product, the nuances, the stitch effects, a companion yarn, details dancing in my mind ...
Sometimes i spin a yarn that i know wants to become something bigger, but the project hasn't presented yet. Often these fit well into the first category and leave the studio to live and grow elsewhere. But a few, honestly just a few, become part of my so-called stash. I have an attachment for some reason. I can't let go of the yarn. I want to be part of its finished state of being. 
I think i have finally found a project for one such yarn that has been patiently waiting a ridiculous amount of time (we can measure it in years). Well, the project will be for part of it, anyway, it is a rather large quantity. Why am i sitting here blogging instead of casting on? Because i came to this conclusion when i am out of state without the beloved yarn! I even picked it up and looked at it yesterday while packing. sigh. i will be home soon and we will get to work, friend (:
I am also thinking a knit-a-long might be fun for this long awaited project ... 

Saturday, January 5, 2013


editor note: for those who know me well, you can't be surprised that i accidentally posted the new year fXg blog post here. i edited a bit to make it less awkward, but i know realize it didn't help much. ;)

Welcome to 2013! Fiber eXchange Guild has a lot in store for everyone this year! To be on the inside track join us and come to regular meetings - the next one is January 19 (details to come).

fXg February Gathering - Saturday the 2nd, 10am at Grinder's Switch in Pekin, IN. I will be leading a "reclaim the yarn" workshop for a limited number of participants beginning at the same time. Find out details of our next knit-a-long, too!