Friday, April 25, 2014

festival magic

Last week I was fortunate to attend The Fiber Event at Greencastle with my good fiber friend Kathleen. I entered three skeins of yarn into competition and won a blue ribbon for my Romney entry!
Bad photo, sorry! I'll fix it next week (;

Turns out I won another division but there was a paperwork mess up, things happen, oh well. The other two will also get photos posted, promise!

Maybe you are like me in that i have a lot of fibery friends. Some, like Kathleen, i am blessed to see regularly because we live near one another and meet to knit & spin, take fibery trips now and then. Some i see occasionally at events or big Grinny Possum knit nights. But there are those i never see anywhere other than a fiber festival. Graciously, we have quite a few in the region spaced through the calendar so we don't have too terribly much to catch up on. Once in awhile there are dramatic changes to lives and families. More often the topics include grandkids, kids, pets, parents, flock, herd, menagerie - you get the idea. (;

The first festival i attended (Greencastle Fiber Fair, as i believe it was called - with Mr. Bill and the talented Nancy, my wee girlie in tow) i was overwhelmed with color and texture!  i still get a little race in my pulse at all the fibery goodness at festivals, but i can honestly say i am more excited about the people i will be seeing than the fiber & yarn available to purchase. Colorful yarn appeals to my senses, but colorful friends appeal to my soul. 

Looking forward to the next two days at Indiana Fiber and Music in Clarksville and seeing some of my fibery-est friends for a hug or two, a bit of catching up and definitely oooing and aahing at those colorful fibers and yarns ... don't even get me started on the tools!