Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This weekend marks the 9th annual Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival in historic and autumnally lovely Corydon, Indiana. Some of you may also know that my sweet girlie is 9 years old. She doesn't know an October without SIFAF. We take our fall break the week of fest (to work like crazy chicks) and the week following (to rest and goof off). It is part of our natural rhythm of life for us. I am looking forward to sharing another fest weekend with her (she who has grown SO much since we started). I am excited about seeing friends and welcoming myriad smiling faces to our fiber filled event. For quite a long time I have been enthusiastic about next year's 10th event - but that doesn't diminish my anticipation of every waking second of the 9th. Nine is nice (:

If you join us in Corydon this weekend I hope you say "hi!"

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yarn Party!

This is the thought I've been mulling over for so long - should have done it 5 times by now! My girlie and I hosted 5 friends to learn about making yarn and then some things to do with yarn.
I wish I had 347 more photos to share, but we were having so much fun I kept having to remind myself we wanted photos, too!

images of finger knitting. I do have more to share, but blogger won't recognize them as photos, argh! So I guess you'll have to come back (:
We discussed fiber types, haircuts and combing, um, I mean carding. Gave the drum carder a turn then watched a spindle spin before everyone got to give their own a whirl!
After a break we sat with some commercial yarn to give finger crochet a try outside. The 'skeeters ran us back indoors to finger knit. Girlies aged 4-9 tried everything! Some took a special like to certain activities, but everyone tried!! I'd also like to point out this group of girlies were SO helpful. Not just the older helping the young, but when someone caught on they were giddy about showing someone else.
I had a fantastic afternoon with the 6 charming new fiber enthusiasts (:

(more photos when I get the issue figured out /: )

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ok, i must tell!

I am hosting a Yarn Party for 6 girlies tomorrow (almost today, better get to bed!)
I've been thinking about it for a long time and a lot this summer - but this summer has been full of bad timing (;
Can't wait to share photos and stories!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

small but huge

I had a small idea. Today I am more excited about that small idea than I can even put into words. You won't have to wait too long for the post, but you will have to wait (:

in the meantime, here's a giggle

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The adventure continues ...

To say that life here is back to normal would be a lie. But we are becoming well acquainted with the new normal. For those unaware, we moved house across the river so now Louisville is home again - well "again" for honey and myself, but totally new for the girlie. People, well meaning fantastic people, ask such strange questions but to address several: Life isn't better or worse or even different in some ways. We are blessed.

That said, a lot of things took longer than we thought and settling in has been slower than I anticipated (not for real reasons, but I make up many when I can't sleep). Girlie and I have been planning cool, fun and new things for our respective businesses. We appreciate the patience and support of family, friends and even you few fans out there (:

Soon Sparkle Girl Studio and follow the star studio will have items online in our etsy shops - some new, some favored familiars. We love to hear what you think about what we do so don't hold back! Also we have some fun ideas in store for Southern Indiana FiberArts Festival in October.

See you soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

special special yarn?

Sometimes i find it almost too easy to sell yarns i spin. The yarn design took seed in my brain and for me the creation of the yarn is the "finished product". The making of something with it is left to another creative mind. And i am okay with that. Sometimes.
Sometimes i have a yarn that screams what it wants to become from the very moment i begin spinning. I see the final product, the nuances, the stitch effects, a companion yarn, details dancing in my mind ...
Sometimes i spin a yarn that i know wants to become something bigger, but the project hasn't presented yet. Often these fit well into the first category and leave the studio to live and grow elsewhere. But a few, honestly just a few, become part of my so-called stash. I have an attachment for some reason. I can't let go of the yarn. I want to be part of its finished state of being. 
I think i have finally found a project for one such yarn that has been patiently waiting a ridiculous amount of time (we can measure it in years). Well, the project will be for part of it, anyway, it is a rather large quantity. Why am i sitting here blogging instead of casting on? Because i came to this conclusion when i am out of state without the beloved yarn! I even picked it up and looked at it yesterday while packing. sigh. i will be home soon and we will get to work, friend (:
I am also thinking a knit-a-long might be fun for this long awaited project ... 

Saturday, January 5, 2013


editor note: for those who know me well, you can't be surprised that i accidentally posted the new year fXg blog post here. i edited a bit to make it less awkward, but i know realize it didn't help much. ;)

Welcome to 2013! Fiber eXchange Guild has a lot in store for everyone this year! To be on the inside track join us and come to regular meetings - the next one is January 19 (details to come).

fXg February Gathering - Saturday the 2nd, 10am at Grinder's Switch in Pekin, IN. I will be leading a "reclaim the yarn" workshop for a limited number of participants beginning at the same time. Find out details of our next knit-a-long, too!