Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yarn Party!

This is the thought I've been mulling over for so long - should have done it 5 times by now! My girlie and I hosted 5 friends to learn about making yarn and then some things to do with yarn.
I wish I had 347 more photos to share, but we were having so much fun I kept having to remind myself we wanted photos, too!

images of finger knitting. I do have more to share, but blogger won't recognize them as photos, argh! So I guess you'll have to come back (:
We discussed fiber types, haircuts and combing, um, I mean carding. Gave the drum carder a turn then watched a spindle spin before everyone got to give their own a whirl!
After a break we sat with some commercial yarn to give finger crochet a try outside. The 'skeeters ran us back indoors to finger knit. Girlies aged 4-9 tried everything! Some took a special like to certain activities, but everyone tried!! I'd also like to point out this group of girlies were SO helpful. Not just the older helping the young, but when someone caught on they were giddy about showing someone else.
I had a fantastic afternoon with the 6 charming new fiber enthusiasts (:

(more photos when I get the issue figured out /: )

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