Friday, January 31, 2014

Foodie Friday!

Since our arrival in the bluegrass state the sparkle girlie and i have found a lovely coffee nook. In fact, our first idea for a semi-regular Friday feature was "friday at a coffeehouse" and profile coffee shops around Louisville. We enjoyed Sister Bean's so much on our first and second visits we changed the whole scheme! So our new idea is to visit various places for lunch or share recipes we try at home and when we can we will end up at Sister Bean's. 
Due to their excellent location across from Iroquois Park Amphitheater along busy New Cut Road I was honestly afraid it would be too busy a spot for us to enjoy an afternoon of reading and hanging out. Happily, I was wrong. They do a good bit of drive-thru and walk in/out business so it usually isn't too full for a couple of gals to sit awhile. 
Even in the summer on a cool morning Girlie's favorite is hot chocolate ... 
with syrup and sprinkles on top of whipped cream, who can blame her? But, oddly on one of the coldest days of January (which is saying something, right?) she tried a strawberry-banana smoothie and loved it! (She asked i point out in the autumn she likes the hot cider, too.)
I admit i stick to my tried and true dark roast with cinnamon syrup, but the coffee is so good i am certain any specialty drink made with it is yummy! Comfy Cow ice cream and baked goods from Adrienne & Co. (which is funny as some of you may realize because our other home away from home, Grinny Possum, is down the street from Adrienne & Co. in Jeffersonville, IN) plus sandwiches at lunch time - great place for a meeting!
Today girlie created some art for their walls - it was a spur of the moment idea and as luck would have it, my colored pencils were in the other knitting bag! But we think the minimalist artistic look is cool (: 

Oh, and i was knitting a guinea pig while all this was going on. so, yeah ... 
I promise there is more knitting, spinning and other craftiness ahead as well as more foodie adventures (: 

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